The Band

Sara Grossarth (Lead Vocals)


Sara started singing as soon as she could talk, and started singing karaoke at age 12. She got the bug to be on stage when she was chosen to sing in the All County Chorus for Baltimore County in 2000. Her next big performance was in School House Rock in 2002, which sealed the passion to sing. She has made several cameo appearances with local Baltimore bands since the summer of 2015. When not working her day job as a banker, Sara enjoys writing her own songs, hiking, and dancing all night at local clubs. (Don't try to keep up with her on the dance floor, she wins every time!) Sara is high energy, and sure to put on a great show!

Koach Kfon Klen (Lead Guitar)



Kevin began his music career in elementary school when he picked up the cello in 5th grade. He later picked up the guitar in middle school and the rest is history. Kevin went to Towson University for music education. While at Towson he became a standout, student filling in for his cello teacher for various staff gigs and was first chair in the university orchestra. Currently Kevin is a music teacher for a school for special needs. Kevin is the newest member of Sonic Daze, and has proven to be a great addition to the band. He brings a unique, bluesier sound that has really transformed our sound.

Bill Zinnert (Guitar)


Bill is a founding member of Sonic Daze and has been playing guitar ever since hearing the Led Zeppelin album Houses of the Holy. His influences are Zeppelin, Kiss, Rush, and AC/DC. Over the years, Bill has played in many bar bands including on with Mike H. from The Reagan Years. Bill joined Wiseguys and the band immediately recognized Bill's talent, from his clean and melodic rhythms to his screaming yet tasteful leads.

Tom Floto (Bass Guitar)


Tom is also a founding member of Sonic Daze. He started playing bass guitar years ago when a friend started a band and asked him to join on bass. He bought an old bass guitar from an elderly lady and the rest was history. While playing with the Maryland band Krunch, Tom was signed to a small label that published two albums and was featured on two Splitting Seeds compilations. Path to stardom ahead, unfortunately or rather fortunately, life interrupted. Several years later, two beautiful daughters, a full time job, and lots of dusty guitars, he was contacted by friends on Facebook about getting together for drinks, which eventually led to forming Sonic Daze.

Kevin Wilson (Drums)


Kevin was born in a cave, and raised on a mountain. His Momma put two sticks in his hands, and his journey started. Kevin has played with some great bands and talented musicians in his career, and Sonic Daze is part of that list. "I enjoy playing for the crowd, seeing family and friends, and meeting new people at every SD show. I also like to think that I keep Uber in business."